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Notice to Competitors and Weather Forecast


Notice to Competitors

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Due to bad weather conditions in recent weeks, it is advised to all participants to take all safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring.

It is advisable in particular the use of shoes with metal studs and proper clothing.

We also inform that in all arenas it will be provided a first-aid station.

In case of emergency contact the organization: +351 961 844 462 or +351 918 500 851 (João Moura)

Ground Conditions

-Slippery ground, water/ice in rocky areas;
-Occurence of secundary water lines;
-Fallen vegetation (fallen trees on the ground);
-Loose stones.

Weather Forecast

Saturday – Morning (Avelal)

-Chance of showers;
-Maximum Temperature 10º
-Minimum Temperature 1º
-Wind: Weak from Southwest

Saturday – Afternoon (Aguiar da Beira)

-Cloudy/Partially Cloudy
-Maximum Temperature 11º
-Minimum Temperature 4º
-Wind: Weak from Southwest

Sunday Morning (Aguiar da Beira Norte)

-Very Cloudy with a chance of Light Showers
-Maximum Temperature 11º
-Minimum Temperature 2º
-Wind: Moderate from South

Program Update – Reschedule of 1st Start in Middle WRE and Long WRE


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Due to the large number of entries in Men Elite classes and in order to respect the previously program info and activities, there is a need to reschedule the 1st runner starting times in Men Elite classes for Middle WRE and Long WRE stages.

For the Middle WRE stage, the 1st runner will go to the forest at 8:30 am.

In the Long WRE stage, the first starting times are scheduled at 9:00 am.


Long WRE Live Coverage

MCO 2014 Long Distance Live Coverage is now available.

Check under MCO 2014 LIVE CENTER Menu all Day 2  - Long WRE pages for:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Ori-Live Real Time Results
  • Preliminary Results
  • Live Blog

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Lodging during MCO 2014

Alojamento Icon

If you plan to stay in Satão or Aguiar da Beira during MCO 2014, both municipalities sugest some lodging choices ranging from bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hotels to country houses.

To see some lodging suggestions in Satão, click HERE.

To see some lodging suggestions in Aguiar da Beira, click HERE.

The links will also be available on the above EVENT INFO / LODGING menu bar.

Message from The Mayor of Satão


Promoting sports practice is one of the goals of this county. Therefore, the Municipality of Satão congratulates for supporting one of the biggest Foot Orienteering events held in Portugal during 2014 – the 3rd Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 21-23 February 2014.

It is with great honor and satisfaction that we receive the 3rd Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering in our lands, whose landscape is composed by the typical wild pine tree, surrounded of mountains and cliffs, an ideal surrounding for the event, and as far as previous organizations, has it all to to be a success.

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Satão hosts all participants with open arms, welcomes all Orienteers, Viseu and Estarreja Orienteering Clubs too.

We hope that you have fun and appreciate all the best the Municipality has to offer.

The Mayor of Satão,

Dr. Alexandre Manuel Mendonça Vaz

Message from The Mayor of Aguiar da Beira

JoaquimBonifacioThe Municipality of Aguiar da Beira has carried out a great effort to provide the county with modern and flexible sport infrastructures, giving a sporting quality offer to its citizens and complementing it with event organizations in order to achieve the promotion and spread of sports practice.

We also make a great effort in supporting national and international relevant events such as the 3rd Mediterranean Orienteering Championships in 2014.

Giving the natural conditions of our county and the infrastructures available, Aguiar da Beira meets all the requirements for the success of this event.

It is with great pleasure that we receive all participants with open arms, we welcome all Orienteers and Viseu and Estarreja Orienteering Clubs also.

Aguiar da Beira will prove with certainty to be a place of excellence for the success of this organization.


The Mayor of Aguiar da Beira,

Prof. Joaquim António Marques Bonifácio


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