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MCO 2014 Live Center Updated

All MCO 2014 Live Center pages have been reorganized and updated, keeping all final data from the event.

Relive now all the GPS Replays, Live Blog contents, Elite Maps and Final Results.


Sprint WRE Live Coverage

MCO 2014 Sprint Live Coverage is now available.

Check under MCO 2014 LIVE CENTER Menu Day 1  - Sprint WRE page for:

  • Preliminary Results
  • Live Blog

Middle WRE Live Coverage

MCO 2014 Middle Distance Live Coverage is now available.

Check under MCO 2014 LIVE CENTER Menu all Day 1  - Middle WRE pages for:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Ori-Live Real Time Results
  • Preliminary Results
  • Live Blog

Hard Floor GPS Coordinates


It is always a good information to have in hand, or in your GPS device…  the location of the Hard Floor.

So, for all competitors to remember:

  • Hard Floor – Municipal Sports hall - Aguiar da Beira:  40.821036,-7.538816
  • Hard Floor – Municipal Sports hall – Sátão: 40.746984, -7.736097

Startlists are now Available

The Startlists for all stages of MCO 2014 are now online.

In the Menubar, under MCO 2014 LIVE CENTER, you can access the startlists ordered by class or by club.

Check your starting times and don’t forget to have enough time to walk or run the distance from the arenas to the course start without being late in Middle and Long stages.

In the Sprint, please respect the Quarantine entry time frame.

GPS Tracking

During Middle and Long WRE stages, live GPS tracking will be available to follow the best athletes in the forest.

The tracking coverage will show the route choices both for Men Super Elite and Women Elite.

The list of runners with GPS tacking is available through the following link:  GPS TRACKING.

Live tracking services will be provided by Trac Trac, so you can follow the courses clicking HERE.