Startlists are now Available

The Startlists for all stages of MCO 2014 are now online.

In the Menubar, under MCO 2014 LIVE CENTER, you can access the startlists ordered by class or by club.

Check your starting times and don’t forget to have enough time to walk or run the distance from the arenas to the course start without being late in Middle and Long stages.

In the Sprint, please respect the Quarantine entry time frame.

GPS Tracking

During Middle and Long WRE stages, live GPS tracking will be available to follow the best athletes in the forest.

The tracking coverage will show the route choices both for Men Super Elite and Women Elite.

The list of runners with GPS tacking is available through the following link:  GPS TRACKING.

Live tracking services will be provided by Trac Trac, so you can follow the courses clicking HERE.

Program Update – Reschedule of 1st Start in Middle WRE and Long WRE


Due to the large number of entries in Men Elite classes and in order to respect the previously program info and activities, there is a need to reschedule the 1st runner starting times in Men Elite classes for Middle WRE and Long WRE stages.

For the Middle WRE stage, the 1st runner will go to the forest at 8:30 am.

In the Long WRE stage, the first starting times are scheduled at 9:00 am.


MCO 2014: Niggli and Gueorgiou towards a high level event

The Portuguese Orienteering Blog published the first post concerning MCO2014. The highlight is the confirmed presence of Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli. Miguel Nóbrega, one of the Event Directors talks about the event and the vital support of local entities in the collaboration of MCO 2014 organization.



Check this post in Portuguese Orienteering Blog… at MCO 2014: Niggli and Gueorgiou towards a high level event

Orientovar joins MCO 2014 as Media Partner

POBlogJoaquim Margarido needs no introduction. He’s the face behind Orientovar, Portugal’s most famous Orienteering news blog and also his english sibling….. exact, the Portuguese Orienteering Blog.

MCO 2014 organizers are proud to announce that Joaquim will be our Media Partner for the event.

He will be the eyes in the forest, the ears who will listen the top performers at finish control and the word for all relevant MCO 2014 news, from now on until the last flag is lifted from the ground.

Follow also MCO 2014 in Orientovar or at Portuguese Orienteering Blog…. all major actors from one of the biggest Orienteering events held in Portugal this year will be there.

Entry Payments


All MCO2014 entries can be paid by Bank Transfer prior to the event or in cash locally in the Event Center.

The MCO2014 organization will try to reduce the Event Center waiting time as much as we can, so Bank Transfer payment method is preferably for entry correct confirmation.

In the Menu Bar/Entries, there a new item with “How To Pay?” information. Feel free to use it!


Lodging during MCO 2014

Alojamento Icon

If you plan to stay in Satão or Aguiar da Beira during MCO 2014, both municipalities sugest some lodging choices ranging from bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hotels to country houses.

To see some lodging suggestions in Satão, click HERE.

To see some lodging suggestions in Aguiar da Beira, click HERE.

The links will also be available on the above EVENT INFO / LODGING menu bar.