Ponto D’Ori joins MCO 2014 Sponsorship

pontodori_150pxPonto D’Ori sponsors MCO 2014.

Célia’s and Fernando Crisóstomo’s travel store specializes in Orienteering equipment and general Outdoor Gear, ranging from shirts, gaiters, shoes, compasses, headlights and many other stuff. They will be at Satão and Aguiar da Beira so feel free to visit their shopping tent.


O-Portugal Training Camps

The beginning of the year 2014 will offer a lot of good orienteering in Portugal. The Training Camps O-Portugal offer the possibility to train and compete in various terrains starting January 2014. Along with the good terrains for orienteering, the runners can experience temperate climate of Portugal and taste the fantastic local food.

For more information about the training camps or accommodation please mail or phone O-Portugal (contacts available here)

Packages including MCO’14*:

MCO Package


  • One week in Sand Dunes Training Camp
  • Entry in the MCO 2014
  • Hotel (8 nights) –  Prices from 250,00€ (including breakfast)




MCO and POM Package






NOTE: The number of days, hotels, trainings, meals and so on, may be customized according to the runners needs. Please contact O-Portugal  for personalized solutions.

Message from The Mayor of Satão


Promoting sports practice is one of the goals of this county. Therefore, the Municipality of Satão congratulates for supporting one of the biggest Foot Orienteering events held in Portugal during 2014 – the 3rd Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 21-23 February 2014.

It is with great honor and satisfaction that we receive the 3rd Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering in our lands, whose landscape is composed by the typical wild pine tree, surrounded of mountains and cliffs, an ideal surrounding for the event, and as far as previous organizations, has it all to to be a success.

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Satão hosts all participants with open arms, welcomes all Orienteers, Viseu and Estarreja Orienteering Clubs too.

We hope that you have fun and appreciate all the best the Municipality has to offer.

The Mayor of Satão,

Dr. Alexandre Manuel Mendonça Vaz

Preliminary Information Online

It is online the preliminary information regarding MCO2014.

COV-Natura and Ori-Estarreja wish to all an excellent event.

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Welcome to MCO 2014

Welcome to the 3rd Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering, to be held on 21st to 23rd February 2014.

Satão and Aguiar da Beira municipalities host the MCO 2014, where COMOF’s Federations national teams compete in Middle, Sprint and Long distance races.

Additionally, all races are WRE for Elite classes, therefore count for the IOF Foot-O World Ranking.

Middle and Long courses make part of the Foot-O Portuguese Cup 2014 calendar.

If you never took part of a Orienteering event and just have to get a good time in the Forest, come and join a Open course for individual or group participants.

Ori-Estarreja and COV-Natura orienteering clubs are co-organizers of the MCO 2014 and invite you and your families to come to the Viriato’s lands, the heart of Portugal.

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