Notice to Competitors and Weather Forecast


Notice to Competitors

Due to bad weather conditions in recent weeks, it is advised to all participants to take all safety measures to prevent accidents from occurring.

It is advisable in particular the use of shoes with metal studs and proper clothing.

We also inform that in all arenas it will be provided a first-aid station.

In case of emergency contact the organization: +351 961 844 462 or +351 918 500 851 (João Moura)

Ground Conditions

-Slippery ground, water/ice in rocky areas;
-Occurence of secundary water lines;
-Fallen vegetation (fallen trees on the ground);
-Loose stones.

Weather Forecast

Saturday – Morning (Avelal)

-Chance of showers;
-Maximum Temperature 10º
-Minimum Temperature 1º
-Wind: Weak from Southwest

Saturday – Afternoon (Aguiar da Beira)

-Cloudy/Partially Cloudy
-Maximum Temperature 11º
-Minimum Temperature 4º
-Wind: Weak from Southwest

Sunday Morning (Aguiar da Beira Norte)

-Very Cloudy with a chance of Light Showers
-Maximum Temperature 11º
-Minimum Temperature 2º
-Wind: Moderate from South

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