Message from The Mayor of Aguiar da Beira

JoaquimBonifacioThe Municipality of Aguiar da Beira has carried out a great effort to provide the county with modern and flexible sport infrastructures, giving a sporting quality offer to its citizens and complementing it with event organizations in order to achieve the promotion and spread of sports practice.

We also make a great effort in supporting national and international relevant events such as the 3rd Mediterranean Orienteering Championships in 2014.

Giving the natural conditions of our county and the infrastructures available, Aguiar da Beira meets all the requirements for the success of this event.

It is with great pleasure that we receive all participants with open arms, we welcome all Orienteers and Viseu and Estarreja Orienteering Clubs also.

Aguiar da Beira will prove with certainty to be a place of excellence for the success of this organization.


The Mayor of Aguiar da Beira,

Prof. Joaquim António Marques Bonifácio


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