GPS Coordinates:

  • Secretariat (friday, 21/02) – Sátão’s movie theather: 40.741502, -7.733324
  • Model Event – Nosso Senhor dos Caminhos (Sátão): 40.771312,-7.646684
  • Middle Distance Arena – Nosso Senhor da Agonia (Sátão): 40.761487, -7.684800
  • Sprint Arena – Aguiar da Beira: 40.820727,-7.542271
  • Sprint quarantine and parking – Stadium of Aguiar da Beira: 40.813616, -7.534669
  • Long distance Arena – Aguiar da Beira Norte: 40.843197,-7.560784
  • Hard Floor – Municipal Sports hall - Aguiar da Beira:  40.821036,-7.538816
  • Hard Floor – Municipal Sports hall – Sátão: 40.746984, -7.736097

Major Places of the event: 

 Distances from important places in Portugal to MCO’s area:

Distance (Km)
Lisboa (airport)Aguiar da Beira330
Porto (airport)Aguiar da Beira180
SátãoAguiar da Beira21
ViseuAguiar da Beira42
Hard FloorModel Event13
Hard FloorMiddle distance Arena17
Hard FloorSprint Arena0,5
Hard FloorLong distancce Arena4
Sátão's movie theatherModel Event11


Portugal Map

All the relevant places of the event will be signalized by orange and white.arrows.

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