From 21st to 23rd of February of 2014, COV-Natura and Ori-Estarreja join efforts again (last time in Portugal O’Meeting 2013, near Viseu) to organize the 3rd Mediterranean Championship in Orienteering. Satão and Aguiar da Beira are the chosen places for this big sport event.

The MCO 2014 will be composed by one Middle Distance race, one Urban Sprint and one Long Distance race in new maps. This event will not only determine the Mediterranean champions but it will also have three World Ranking Event (WRE) stages. The Mediterranean champions are determined according to the COMOF rules. The winners of the open event will be decided by the sum of points of the Middle Distance and the Long Distance, who also make part of the Portugal Cup 2014 calendar.

As usual there will be available Open Classes for those who want to try this amazing sport. 
Satão and Aguiar da Beira are waiting for you! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity  to practice your favorite sport in fantastic terrains. 

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