Formation Classes
Birth Year
W/M 102004 or after
W/M 122002 and 2003
Competition Classes
Birth Year
W/M 142000 and 2001
W/M 161998 and 1999
W/M 181996 and 1997
W/M 201994 and 1995
W/M Elite/21A/21B1980 to 1993
W/M 351975 to 1979
W/M 401970 to 1974
W/M 451965 to 1969
W/M 501960 to 1964
W/M 551955 to 1959
W/M 601950 to 1954
W/M 651945 to 1949
W/M 701940 to 1944
W/M 751935 a 1939
M 801934 or before
Open Classes
Any sex/age, alone or in groups.
Fácil CurtoCourses with 2 to 4 Km, until 40 minutes, using linear references, specially paths, without technical difficulty. There isn't need Orienteering knowledge or physical endurance. It's a good opportunity to a do a walk in the forest. If you request, Organization will provide you monitor company during the course, to teach the basic Orienteering skills.
Difícil CurtoCourse within 3 to 5 Km, until 60 minutes, where is essential to have some Orienteering skills. Medium technical difficulty and low physical endurance needed.
Fácil LongoCourses between 4 to 6 Km, until 60 minutes. Low technical and physical demand, with a course using mainly linear references.
Difícil LongoCourse with 4 to 7 Km, until 80 minutes. Medium/high physical endurance needed, and some solid Orienteering technique.

Note: Sprint open classes are Easy a Difficult.


National Teams (COMOF):

The classes for the National Teams are Junior and Senior male/female, which correspond to W/M 20 and W/M Elite.

 Men Elite and Super Elite:

Do to the high number of M Elite runners, that class will be splitted in M Elite and M Super Elite. The athletes will be splitted, in equal number, in M Elite and M Super Elite, according to the IOF World Ranking. The COMOF Senior runners will also run M Super Elite.

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