General Info

Hard floor:
- Hard floor will be in Municipal Hall of Sátão and Municipal Hall of Aguiar da Beira;
- Both hard floors will be open simultaneously. Athletes can choose which one they prefer, but be aware that an hard floor can be full when you arrive there;
- Opening: 21/02/2014, 18:00 (6 pm) ; Closing: 23/02/2014, 16:00 (4 pm).

Training opportunities:
- For training opportunities contact O-Portugal.

Accommodation services:
- For accommodation opportunities in Aguiar da Beira click here.
- For accommodation opportunities in Sátão click here.

Gastronomic services:
- For gastronomic opportunities in Aguiar da Beira click here.
- For gastronomic opportunities in Sátão click here.

- Athletes can take a shower in both hard floors.

Model Event:
- There will be one Model Event on map Santuário do Nosso Senhor dos Caminhos (Satão). This map was part of The Portugal “O” Meeting 2012, whose 3º day MSuperElite course was the winner the Course of the Year 2012, voted by World of O readers! Furthermore the terrain is very similar to the MCO’s terrain;
- The maps must be taken from the secretariat, at Satao’s movie theater. There will be signalization since the secretariat to the local of the Model Event.
- Cost per map: 3€;

- The Elite and National teams will run MCO’s Sprint during the afternoon;
- The quarantine will be open at 14:30 and Elite and National Team runners must enter before 15:00. Those athletes must park their cars close to the Quarantine area (Aguiar da Beira’s Stadium);
- Mobile phones, Tablets, PC’s, MP3/4 with screen, etc are not allowed at Quarantine! The use of those electronic devices at Quarantine will be punished with disqualification;
- There will be bag collecting service at Sprint’s quarantine. Athletes must leave their bags in the correct place, and Organization will transport them to arena. Organization don’t take any responsibility in cases of loss/damage of material. We advise the athletes to pack their objects in a safe way;
- There won’t be quarantine to the Open Event Sprint (Night Sprint) runners;
- Night Sprint runners/spectators must park their cars close to the quarantine area, because Aguiar da Beira has not proper parking places. Then they should follow the organization indications to arena (1,6 km).

MCO 2014 BIB:
- The BIB will have the following information: runner number, class, SIcard number, club and country;
- The MCO BIBs must be taken from the secretariat before the event. Only athletes with the MCO official BIB will be allowed to start the race.

Men Elite classes:
- Due to the high number of Men Elite entries, those athletes will be splited in two different classes (ME and MSuper Elite), according to IOF world ranking at 31 st December. Both classes will receive WRE points. All COMOF (National teams) Men Elite runners will run MSuper Elite.

GPS Tracking:
-There will be GPS tracking system  at  Long and Middle distance races. The chosen athletes will be the same in both races. Selected runners will receive a GPS vest at Secretariat, when receiving their bibs.  Those vests must be given back to the organization at the end of Long distance race. The  GPS units  will be introduced at runners’  vests at the Start and will be taken  off  by organization at the end of each race (Middle and Long).
- List of chosen athletes available here.

GPS Watches:
- There won’t be allowed GPS watches in any race for W21E, M21E and M21 Super Elite classes.

Change SIcard number:
- Any SIcard change must be done before the start in the secretariat. It won’t be allowed any start with changes of information not previously validated in secretariat.

SICard rent:
- Renting one SICard has the cost of 2,00€/day for Competition and Formation Classes and free for Open Classes. Losing or non returning a rented SI Card implies the payment of 50€.

Sport Insurance:
- Athletes affiliated in POF are covered by POF insurance; National and Portuguese resident non-affiliated athletes, are covered by POF insurance; Foreign and/or non-resident athletes are not covered by any insurance;

Start Times:
- National Teams’ athletes will start in the beginning.
- It won’t be allowed any change of start time on competition classes in event days;
- Open classes won’t have start time. They will have a time interval where they can start with “START Base”.

Race time limits:
- Long Distance: 3 hours;

– Middle Distance: 2 hours;
– Sprint: 1 hour.

Fair Play:
- At the end of each course, athletes can keep their map, therefore fair play is requested to all participants.

- The final result (individual and clubs) of the Open Event will be calculated by summing the points of Middle and Long distances.
- The results of the 3rd Mediterranean Championship will be determined thought COMOF Rules.

- National Teams (COMOF) – prices to the 3 first in each stage (W/M 20 & W/M Elite), and diplomas to the first 5 (given by COMOF) and for the 3 best Nations summing the 3 events;
- WRE (World Ranking Event) – prices for the 5 first in each stage (Middle, Sprint and Long);
- Open Event – prices for the 3 first in each class (5 first in W/M Elite) and 3 best clubs. All W/M10 and W/M12 runners will receive a gift, whatever their classification;
- There are no prices to Open Sprint Event.

Traffic Indication:
- There will be traffic indications made by organization using orange and white arrows;

- MCO 2014 will be regulated by Portuguese Orienteering Federation . In presence of any missing case we wil aplly IOF Rules.

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